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Solstice International

Service Provider of H2 processor/facilitator at U.S. Consulates [#website] [#logo]
Solstice International Logo Design


Solstice International

A U.S family owned company with 25 years of experience as an H2 processor/facilitator at U.S. Consulates in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Peru.

Web Strategy

A website is essential for Solstice International to effectively communicate their commitment to facilitating the H2 process and benefiting all parties involved. It allows them to showcase their services, highlight their adherence to federal regulations, and highlight their established relationships with clients and workers. A well-designed website can convey professionalism, build trust, and attract potential partners, ultimately helping Solstice International overcome challenges and achieve spectacular results for their clients.

Logo Design

The Solstice International logo is a representaion of their overlapping of all parties they facilitate the H2 process while helping their partners overcome challenges and achieve outstanding results.


Solstice International's website is protected, maintained, and backed up through robust security measures, regular maintenance, and reliable backups. Strong passwords, SSL certificates, firewall protection, and security plugins have been implemented. Content updates, bug fixes, and performance optimization are done regularly. Backups are created and securely stored offsite to prevent data loss. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is in place, and backups are periodically tested to ensure swift restoration in case of emergencies. I created Solstice International's logo in a vector format, which is ideal for scalability without loss of quality. Vector graphics are resolution-independent, editable, and widely used for high-quality outputs by printers and other vendors.

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