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Blue Heron

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Blue Heron

Shaun Chastain, Blue Heron Restaurant’s Chef and owner, graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a Culinary Arts Degree. He has since accumulated a wonderful staff of locally-trained chefs and developed long-lasting relationships with regional farmers, contributing to his local community since 2002

Web Strategy

A website is essential for Blue Heron Restaurant to effectively showcase their locally-sourced, innovative cuisine with a southern flair. It allows them to highlight their quality ingredients, carefully selected wines, and Chef Shaun Chastain's culinary expertise. With contact information readily available, the website provides easy access for customers to call and make reservations for an exceptional dining experience in the historic town of Pendleton, South Carolina.


Blue Heron's website is protected, maintained, and backed up through robust security measures, regular maintenance, and reliable backups. Strong passwords, SSL certificates, firewall protection, and security plugins have been implemented. Content updates, bug fixes, and performance optimization are done regularly. Backups are created and securely stored offsite to prevent data loss. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is in place, and backups are periodically tested to ensure swift restoration in case of emergencies.

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