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McAbee Architects

Since 1999, McAbee Architects has provided creative and cost-effective solutions to enhance church ministry. With a history of over 300 church projects, we are among the most experienced church architecture firms in the Carolinas and Georgia. Our passionate and knowledgeable team stays up to date on the latest ministry tools and strategies to help you get the most out of your new or existing church building. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service from our small, highly experienced professional staff.

Web Strategy

Working with McAbee Architects, my goal was to showcase the firm's creative and economical solutions for enhancing church ministry. I worked closely with the firm's owner to design a website that features approximately 30 of their past church projects in full detail, complete with supporting photography and before-and-after photos when relevant. The emphasis on visuals helps visitors to better understand the possibility, timeline, and size of each project. The website highlights McAbee Architects' passion for helping churches get the most out of their existing or new building, and the highly experienced professional staff personally handles each project with the utmost care.


McAbee Architects' website is protected, maintained, and backed up through robust security measures, regular maintenance, and reliable backups. Strong passwords, SSL certificates, firewall protection, and security plugins have been implemented. Content updates, bug fixes, and performance optimization are done regularly. Backups are created and securely stored offsite to prevent data loss. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is in place, and backups are periodically tested to ensure swift restoration in case of emergencies.

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