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Issaqueena’s Last Ride

Bike Race [#website]


Issaqueena’s Last Ride (ILR)

Issaqueena’s Last Ride is an annual bicycle race through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and Foothills of South Carolina. The challenging ride offers different routes for various levels of riders, featuring scenic rural roads with little traffic, including the climb to Wigington Overlook.

Web Strategy

Issaqueena’s Last Ride needed a website to provide an online platform for easy registration and payment for participants, as well as a hub for route information, maps, and cue sheets. Additionally, the website offers links to local accommodations, attractions, and dining options to enhance the overall event experience.


ILR's website is protected, maintained, and backed up through robust security measures, regular maintenance, and reliable backups. Strong passwords, SSL certificates, firewall protection, and security plugins have been implemented. Content updates, bug fixes, and performance optimization are done regularly. Backups are created and securely stored offsite to prevent data loss. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is in place, and backups are periodically tested to ensure swift restoration in case of emergencies.

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